Please visit our Covid-19 page for more information about our precautions.

Covid-19 Information

What is PrimeCare doing to protect its customers and staff?

We are keeping up to date with all updates from the New Zealand Ministry of Health. We are continuing to adjust our procedures as per the government’s directives at each level. The safety of our customers and staff is paramount to us during this time.

Prime Care’s protocols

  • Daily reviews of government updates and advice.
  • Ensuring self-isolation is occurring where necessary for staff and customers.
  • Regular screening of staff and customers to ensure the health and safety of both parties.
  • Ensuring everyone has PPE available and wears it where necessary.
  • Ongoing communication with staff to ensure they know any updates to our procedures.

What we are asking from our customers

  • If you are unwell please call us and we will reschedule your service.
  • Observe government rules and notifications, e.g. practising good hand hygiene.

If you would like additional support or company on top of our services please fill out the form below and you will be matched with a local pal (a young support person) from your neighbourhood.

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