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Important Principles for In-home Care

Ensuring Independence and Choice

PrimeCare is passionate about helping individuals stay in their homes. This particularly applies to our ageing clients whose health needs are changing. Our aim aligns with the New Zealand Ministry of Health’s aged care strategy, which aims to better support people to live at home longer (source). Making the decision to stay at home means you or a loved one can ensure independence and make the entire choice for what care is received.

We believe it is vital to promote independence in order to provide high-quality care. When everything is done for an individual they lose autonomy and with it their self-confidence. When independence is removed, from causes such as frailty or ill health, individuals may feel low or trapped and fundamentally doubt their own capabilities or self-worth. While meeting care requirements is intuitive, if independence is not considered, it can be counterproductive and cause deterioration.

That is why at PrimeCare we ensure that independence is encouraged and promoted throughout all of our care. We strive to deliver this care with the right balance of encouragement, while maintaining safety within all tasks. This, in turn, gives our clients a sense of control, self-esteem and dignity.

We also believe all of our clients should have choice and control over the way they live and receive care. This expression of dignity is crucial for an individual to participate meaningfully in their day-to-day life. We work with you or you loved one through every step of the process of getting care right through to when you receive care, to ensure you are fully involved in any decisions. We value individuals time in making a decision as much as the time spent doing other tasks.

As a company, our approach to care was developed around these two principles. When we developed our services and care packages we made sure these values were at the forefront because we believe these are essential to high-quality in-home care.

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