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In-home Care

Getting Started

We work to ensure you or a loved one can continue to live at home safely and comfortably. We offer various kinds of in-home care for seniors, children and for people with disabilities.

  • We help seniors maintain independence and remain in their home for longer with different types of care from personal care, domestic care right through to palliative care.
  • We help families with short term childcare or regular childcare. We ensure a fun, safe and creative environment in your home, so you can take your time stress free.
  • We provide disability support tailored to your needs to help you live comfortably and safely in your own home and participate within your community.

Ensuring Independence and Choice

PrimeCare is passionate about helping individuals stay in their homes. Making the decision to stay at home means you or a loved one can ensure independence and make the entire choice for what care is received.

As a company our approach to care was developed around these two principles. When we developed our services and care packages we made sure these values were at the forefront because we believe these are essential to high quality in-home care.

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Aged Care Packages

If you are looking for in-home aged care specifically, for yourself or on behalf of someone else, we can help you. When providing an in-home care service, we specifically tailor it to an individuals needs. Each tailor-made package can have a mix of services and will be measured as either primary care, secondary care or tertiary care.


Primary care offers you or a loved one basic support, which includes tasks like shopping, meal preparation and domestic chores.


Secondary care supports an individual with day-to-day tasks such as dressing, showering and applying/removing stockings. This is facilitated by our experienced workers.


Our specialised team can assist you or someone you love with more advanced daily tasks or specific care. An example of these tasks is assistance with medications, dementia care or respite care.

Government Support

The government offers support for those under 65 and over 65 struggling with a long term disability. They provide weekly payments to subsidise any necessary care. To read more about the procedure for applying for this care.

If you would like to know more about government support for in-home care, or are interested in applying for it please contact us.

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