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Our Impact

Prime Care is a Central Otago health care provider bringing a new meaning to in-home care. We are a social enterprise that works to give back 100% of our profits to supporting the development of young people within New Zealand.

We started as a social enterprise because we wanted to reinvest profit back into service and development within New Zealand. That is why we support Purpose Projects, who run various programs and projects for young New Zealanders. All of these programmes and projects have a large focus on serving others and serving your community.

Purpose Projects has worked with young adults from across the country. They have funded multiple projects in education, health and enterprise. They have regional hubs across the country of young people who serve individually and as a group. They are widening their programmes and projects to young adults and high school students next year. We are proud to reinvest all of our profit into such a transparent organisation that drives impact.

Providing professional and trusted care is where we start, but our end impact is much bigger and we are proud every client is a part of that impact.

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