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Strengths and Values

Our Strengths

  • At PrimeCare we personalise all of our services to our clients. We are flexible and build a specific/individual care plan based on what you or a loved one need. When designing this plan we listen to you and take the time to gather a deep understanding of your situation, your likes, dislikes, strengths, struggles and abilities. This plan is updated termly and adjusted to fit you and your carer well.
  • Every member of our team is professional, well trained, and truly cares. We work with younger, experienced caregivers who build relationships well. We are proud that our carers always go above and beyond for their clients and ensure the highest quality of care is provided.
  • We provide free consultations and assessments for all potential clients. When choosing an in-home care provider it is important that you or your loved one are comfortable with their carer and the provider. If you do not feel like your caregiver or our company are a good fit for you or a loved one that should never be at your cost. In-home care is more than a service, it’s a unique relationship between two people. At Prime Care we want to foster that for all of our clients.
  • We work to create change. Our entire business model is centered around serving others. We were birthed from the desire to see change in people’s lives throughout New Zealand, and this goes beyond the service we provide. You or your loved one can be assured that our care follows the same principles. We are committed to ensuring independence, improving quality of life and wellbeing and building confidence.

Our Values

People First

At PrimeCare we care about people, and make sure that they are the center of everything we do. We work for you, for your loved ones, for our community and for New Zealand. Our care prioritises independence, respect, culture and safety while ensuring the individual makes every decision themselves.

Act with Integrity

In-home care means someone enters an individual’s place of comfort and safety. We’re honest, reliable and committed to doing what is best for our clients.

Give Joy Always

Amongst our team and our relationships with clients we know and see the impact of positive attitudes, of making others laugh and feel good and we remind ourselves of this daily.

Go the Extra Mile

We value doing what is expected plus some, in everything we do. To achieve this we take time to learn about our clients culture, background, families and goals and build personal relationships with individuals and their families.

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