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Why PrimeCare

PrimeCare is a dedicated in-home care provider. We are passionate about people and seeing them thrive. Every part of our company focuses on this; through our care, through our values, through our business model, through our impact and through our team. The health-care sector is evolving into a for-profit market, but we aren’t one of these. We are here to serve and put people first.


  • At PrimeCare we personalise all of our services to our clients. We are flexible and build a specific/individual care plan based on what you or a loved one need.
  • Every member of our team is professional, well trained, and truly cares. We are proud that our carers always go above and beyond for their clients and ensure the highest quality of care is provided.
  • We provide free consultations and assessments for all potential clients. Finding a carer that is a good fit for you or a loved one should never be at your cost, so we give you the opportunity to meet your potential carer first.
  • We work to create change. Our entire business model is centered around serving others and 100% of our profit is reinvested into this.
  • We were birthed from the desire to see change in people's lives and this goes beyond the service we provide. We are committed to ensuring independence, improving quality of life and building confidence.

Our Values

People First

We work for you, for your loved ones, for our community and for New Zealand. This is at the center of everything we do.

Act with Integrity

We’re honest, reliable and committed to doing what is best for our clients.

Give Joy Always

We know and see the impact of positive attitudes, of making others laugh and feel good and we share this daily.

Go the Extra Mile

We value doing what is expected plus some, in everything we do.

Our Impact

PrimeCare is a Central Otago health care provider bringing a new meaning to in-home care. We are a social enterprise that works to give back 100% of our profits to supporting the development of young people within New Zealand. We started as a social enterprise because we wanted to reinvest profit back into service and development within New Zealand.

Providing professional and trusted care is where we start, but our end impact is much bigger and we are proud every client is a part of that impact.

Our Team

All of our carers work to serve their local community and its people. Our team is well trained and have great qualifications. They have all worked within the health sector before and understand what quality and trusted care is.

Our carers are good listeners, they strive to provide the best possible experience, they go the extra mile, they are passionate about their line of work and care greatly for people.

Our History

PrimeCare was founded by Laura Robinson. Laura worked in the healthcare sector for several years providing personal care to elderly. While working Laura sat her ACE qualifications and studied non-clinical health science majoring in public health. A large part of this study focused on New Zealand’s public health system.

Through analysing the health care sector she saw; an increasing strain on services because of a larger ageing population and a move towards commercial/for-profit providers. PrimeCare was formed with the commitment to maintain a person centered approach in all it does and reinvest everything back into the future generations of New Zealand.

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